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Credit Spread Volatility – Implied Volatility vs Historic Volatility

Credit Spread Volatility | Using Implied Volatility & Delta

Credit spread volatility is critical to the selection and management of income-producing market positions. Whether using Implied Volatility (IV) or Delta, or both, the investor must consider option volatility, along with other data-driven trade selection criteria, to produce the highest reward/risk ratio trades.

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Credit Spread Adjuster

Adjust Credit Spreads – Sometimes Before Entering Them!

If the strike prices of a contemplated credit spread order no longer conforms to your trade entry requirements because of a substantial price change in the underlying,, you may be able to restore that conformation by switching to nearby strike prices.

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Credit Spread Mistakes | Avoid Them with “The Monthly Income Machine”

Here are the 8 option credit spread mistakes you must avoid to maximize your credit spread & Iron Condor profit results with “The Monthly Income Machine.”

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Best Iron Condor Strategy

Iron Condors and Credit Spreads are ideal for conservative investors seeking recurring income. Here are the 9 “The Monthly Income Machine” screening criteria to identify the best Iron Condor and Credit Spread candidates.

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Credit Spread Screening – How to Identify the Best Credit Spreads

Credit Spread Screening – How to Identify the Best Credit Spreads

Additional factors the option credit spread investor can use to identify the best-of-the-best credit spread candidates from among several that meet his initial criteria.

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Market Crash Protection For Credit Spreads

You can protect your credit spread trades from the risk of a market crash. Learn exactly how conservative income investors can insure against credit spread portfolio risk during a “black swan” event.

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sailing crash

Flash Crashes – Can Options Help Avoid Damage?

A recent question at the FORUM has prompted this closer look at “Flash Crashes.” Are we indeed powerless in the face of a flash crash, or are there defenses? Recognizing a Flash Crash: Hindsight Required It’s not just the market dropping sharply. A sudden hard fall in an individual stock, ETF, or the market […]

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Mini Options – Do They Fit Your Income Investment Game Plan?

On March 18, 2013 investors began making use of the new exchange-traded mini options. Let’s take a look at the specifics of the options and at: (1) how they might fit in the options market in general, and (2) how they might fit “The Monthly Income Machine” credit spread program in particular. The Underlyings Mini […]

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Option Order Entry Mistakes – How To Avoid Becoming Shark Bait

Even seasoned option investors can ruin a trade – and their whole month – by lapses in the mechanics or strategy involved in placing their orders. Here are some unfortunate moves you definitely need to avoid lest you become shark bait for the fisherman on the other side of your option credit spread or Iron […]

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Credit Spreads | Trade Entry Criteria and Screening Service

This “white paper” will detail: 1. Option Credit Spreads for the risk-adverse income seeker 2. “The Monthly Income Machine” specific trade entry criteria I recommend for selecting promising option credit spread candidates, 3. A new, completely optional screening service that completes this most time consuming part of identifying conforming credit spread candidates for you. Contact […]

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