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They are testimonials and critiques by actual users seeking a detailed blueprint for trading credit spreads and Iron Condors to generate a monthly income stream from the stock market.

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5 stars Conservative way to make some extra income
By C. T. (Manassas VA) –

From investing in stocks, trading currencies, and to finally trading options, it took me through a rather long winding road. When I read Mr. Finberg’s The Monthly Income Machine, I only wish I found the book much earlier. I am doing what he does for extra income either weekly or/and monthly.

Knowing a way to take some safe non-directional trades for some extra income is suffice for a small trader like me. Small % adds up. The book is easy to read/understand, and easy to follow. You don’t need a complicated thick book that is full of market jargon to make money (but option basic knowledge helps). Last but not least, the author is available to answer your questions. Thanks Mr. Lee Finberg.

5 stars Excellent Book!
By E. B.

The principles in the book are sound. The fact that spreads can be winning trades 80% of the time is only half the information. The fact is if you don’t keep track of your trades(and if you don’t or can’t then you shouldn’t be trading)or if there happens to be a wrong, unexpected move in the stock or index you’ve based your spread on, that one time could most likely wipe out every last one of your gains. 80% winning trades are great, but the reward/risk ratio is prohibitive unless you have a large trading account. The book outlines a very good method and as with all trades and trading methods great care must be taken.

5 stars Good read and Easy to understand
By NeodX –

This is a good book for someone seeking a conservative approach (low-risk low returns) with options as the main vehicle. A good understanding of options is recommended for readers to understand the rationale behind each advise, however it is not a pre-requisite as the explanation is very clear and concise.

As someone who’s been tinkering with option spreads for sometime, I find that this is an excellent guide that gets you to where you should be if you are a conservative trader.

5 stars Learn this
By Sam –

Mr. Finberg does an excellent job of breaking his system down into a step by step format and letting you know the reasons for the entry criteria. I have used this system and made money. If I can do it you most certainly can to.

5 stars Slow but Steady
By A. D.

If you’re looking for a book where you will make a large profit on one trade, this is not the book for you. If you would like to make a moderate profit most months with an 80% – 90% chance of success, this book might be for you. Lee teaches a step by step process to locate the stocks which meet the strict criteria for “The Monthly Income Machine”. This book teaches the whole process: stock selection, trade management and adjustments.

5 stars Good Returns on Conservative Investment
By teacraig –

Lee Finberg shows you how to remain conservative in your investments while still making a good to great return on your nest egg. I am still learning the process and adjustments, but the book is a great resource for the beginner or those just wanting to learn more about options.

5 stars An Exceptional Book For Consistent, Safe Returns
By W. M.

Thank you Lee for this straightforward, cookbook-like, explanation of this little known technique. I’ve sat for the series 7 SEC exam and unless you KNOW what you’re doing, options trading can be VERY treacherous. The writing, both in this book and the online articles, put me in the KNOW about the specific strategies to best trade options. However, Mr. Finberg doesn’t just explain the technique, but gives exact guidelines that he prefers to use for SAFE monthly returns of 8%-10% per MONTH. This is not a fantasy return. Financial advisers won’t present this technique to their clients because the commission is VERY low, and they themselves are not educated on how to use it.

If you learn and study the guidelines outlined in the book and forum, you will be able to achieve a safe, monthly return with a limited and well defined risk. There are very few investment strategies like this anywhere else. HIGHLY recommended!

5 stars Best Investment Technique for Monthly Income,..I Agree!
By Phil –

I eventually reached the point where I was generating consistent income. Had Lee’s book been available when I started, my learning curve would have been a great deal shorter and much less expensive! All of the critical components needed to successfully execute a winning strategy are laid out in a well ordered, easy to understand process. Although an industry professional, Lee does not try to impress with lots of unrelated topics and tangents like many other manuals. All good stuff, no fluff.

5 stars Weekly Income Generator
By W. P. (Florida) –

This is a great book for anyone looking to generate regular income. It illustrates a simple methodology that puts the odds in favor of large or small investors. For beginners, the first section of the book provides basic background regarding options. Later sections of the book cover the methodology for generating income while controlling risk. Its certainly a book that creates immediate value.

5 stars Perfect!!!
By Ron –

Lee Finberg’s book “The Monthly Income Machine” is well worth the price! I have been trading for over 12 years and have read many books on methods, strategies, and what I call Golden Rainbows (trying to find the elusive pot of gold).

Lee has a talent for taking what could be complex subjects and explaining them in concise, easy to understand words. He gives examples that are easy to follow and he writes in simple English, so even a Novice will not be intimidated.

This book is as good resource for even the Veteran options trader and I recommend it to be in your library. I agree with Lee’s statement on the front of the book that The Monthly Income Machine is the One Best Investment Technique for producing Monthly Income! I think the best part is that Lee is REAL! He personally uses this method himself and is quick to answer your questions via email. You do not have to wait weeks or months to get your answers.

By purchasing the book you get the confidence to know Lee and his staff will be there to help you if needed. All this for the price of the book! So, do yourself a favor if you are serious about trading Options to earn income and get this book!

5 stars Make you money
By J. G. “War Vet” (Houston, Texas USA) –

I salute Mr. Finberg for his book. Buy it, and follow his recommendations to the tee, and you will make money. I thank him for writing it. This is not the only approach to Iron Condors, but is a good one if you want to do it monthly. Buy some of the other books on Iron Condors, and read them before putting your money on the line. And, do NOT bet the farm on this method until you are an experienced option trader.

I am, and have made money doing this, but do not recommend it for anyone who does not understand what they are doing (obviously). The 80% chance of success is correct, but the other 20% of failure can kill you. Understand how to roll the spread before entering into any Condor investment.

5 stars Spreads and Iron Condors
By steelman –

It is hard to find a good way to trade the markets with all of the different techniques and teachers out there, but this is a clear and concise way to start trading the markets, with great customer support, the author is available to answer your questions. Thanks Mr.Lee Finberg. I only wish I found the book much earlier. I am doing what he does for extra income either weekly or/and monthly.

Knowing a way to take some safe non-directional trades for some extra income is great for a small trader like me. These trades add up. The book is easy to read/understand, and easy to follow. You don’t need a complicated thick book that is full of market jargon to make money (but option basic knowledge helps). Thank you for a great job!

5 stars Conservative Income Generator
By “fjjs1” –

This is an awesome addition to your trading library. If you prefer high percentage conservative techniques this is definitely a book for you. After disappointing stock trading for many years and testing the waters with options I found this book and followed the methods cautiously until I found a comfort zone. Now this is my primary trading methodology to generate income on a monthly basis with options only.

This book is written in a simplistic and easy to understand format. The examples are concise and illustrate the techniques with ease. OTM distance and search criteria are concepts well discussed and presented. The book along with the author’s website as well as personal support make for a powerful combination.

I work full-time for a living and I am able to supplement my regular income with options income comfortably and with low stress compare to that of stocks. Trading has risks and knowledge is king so know what you are doing and start slow. The Monthly Income Machine is a very rewarding investment.

5 stars A reliable trading strategy
By s. v. –

This publication is a gem. It presents a robust strategy which trades iron condor (or credit spread) options. Unlike those expensive options strategies/courses sold for $500, $2000 and beyond, this book’s price is affordable to everyone. Most importantly, its quality outweighs its price.

I have a day job as a computer engineer, but I would like to use my spare money to generate other income. I used to be a passive mutual fund investor. However, 2008 market crash wrote off all the gains, and thus changed my mind and motivated me to be an active investor. I tried forex, futures, ETF/stocks, options. I subscribed trade alerts from so called gurus. I also developed my computer programs to do trading. Unfortunately, none of these generated systematic income until I bought Monthly Income Machine.

As long as following the Machine, you can systematically generate income from financial markets. The first 7 chapters describe the entry rule and the rest 2 chapters address the exit rule and risk management. After buying the book and reading the first 7 chapters, I immediately used the Machine to place a trade, which was hit by flash crash. I read the book again (this time from chapters 1-9) and realized that I should read the entire book before using this strategy. Afterwards, I follow all the entry and exit rules with risk management, and become a safer trader. Now I am trading this strategy and generating steady income over time, and can focus on my day job and on my family without worrying too much up/down of the markets.

For new traders: Read thoroughly the book before using the strategy. Trade light in the beginning till comfortable. Once becoming a good Machine operator, scale up your account and enjoy your life.

For savvy traders: The Machine is an alternative to diversify your strategies and smooth your equity curve.

5 stars Lee’s Book Is Fabulous
By S. M. B.

I have traded options for years and have read at least 50 books on the subject. When I came across Lee’s book entitled The Monthly Income Machine I ordered it. This book is the single best book on trading options using credit spreads and iron condors that I have ever seen. It’s written in the clearest of styles and is totally understandable by even those who don’t have experience with option trading.

In my opinion credit spreads are the single best conservative strategy I know of for trading options and Lee’s book is the single best source of information on this subject.

I suggest you buy it and read it as fast as possible. It could literally change your financial future dramatically.

This book is truly a gem.

5 stars Review of Monthly Income Machine
By M.B.S.

Lee has produced a book that is accurate and practical. He has done the things he suggests and realizes the practical side of them, both in execution and in being profitable. Shami
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5 stars Short and to the point
By F. B.(springfield, ohio United States) –

MIM is a unique look at an old subject, option credit spreads. Mr. Finberg lays out a set of rules for both entry and exit that really increase your odds of making a winning trade. Keep in mind that you don’t have to employ the Iron Condor call/put spreads but can go with only the call or put if you desire and omit the other wing if you feel so inclined. His treatment of index spreads varies from that of equities and even though his entry rules change slightly the logic makes perfect sense. A good practical guide.

5 stars It’s the complete package
By jubal –

I’ve read about a dozen books on options, some nearly worthless, some great. By and large, they dealt with the theory of options with a sprinkling of hints and tips of practical advice. Only one other book gave enough specific, practical advice to actually place trades. This very concise book eliminates all of the “stories” and fluff, and gives us exactly what is needed to be able to implement the trades…”just the facts, Ma’am”.

And it gives us the COMPLETE strategy…how to select the stock (or index), when to place the trades, how to select the strike prices, when to adjust the trades…the works. Lee has shared his complete system with us. The part of the strategy that I really like is that it is extremely conservative in design. Although Lee makes it clear that money can be lost using this system (as well as every other system ever devised), he emphasizes the ways to avoid serious losses while achieving steady, income-like gains. The book is aptly titled.

5 stars Simple and straight to the point
By QD –

I have read through a couple of books on option. What make Lee Finberg’s book different from these books is that it provides the necessary step-by-step approach without the complexity that are typically found in most books. The section that I like the most is on the adjustment principle. It is explained in a principle-based approach that is easy to understand.

I think the book would have been prefect if there is more details on money management and provide an automated screening stocks software to go through the step by step filters.

5 stars Simple is better
By jbl –

In this book you will find a conservative way to produce monthly income. The author lists a set of criteria for achieving income by being a net seller of options. No need to understand option Greeks to utilize his methodology. Not to say that option Greeks have no purpose in trading but there is no need to over complicate things.

5 stars Great Method of Creating Monthly Income
By Mike E. S.

This Book is everything it claims to be… I began trading options 2 years ago. In the beginning I only traded with covered calls. The downside is owning the stock. I lost more from stock losses than I gained by selling the covered call. I thought there must be another vehicle that would produce a steady income. Lee’s book gave me a plan that has been producing 80 to 90% winners. If you buy the book and follow the rules as set forth you will begin to gain on the market with a limited amount of risk. I am glad I purchased this book it is the outline to successful trading.

5 stars Good introduction to option income spreads
By Brian R.

This book presents in a concise manner, a system for trading credit spreads and iron condors in the stock market. It provides precise rules for stock selection, and which spreads to sell, along with exit parameters. There is no complex theory, just a conservative system for generating monthly income.
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By A. K.

I would recommend this book to people who are looking for a “great teacher” and want a clear understanding of how to generate a consistent monthly income. You don’t need to spend $1,000 on other courses everything you’ll need to know is outlined step by step in this book.

5 stars Excellent roadmap for credit spreads
By Joe (TX, United States) –

I appreciated the well thought out treatment of credit spreads and Iron Condors in this book. Years ago a friend of mine recommend I look into credit spreads, and I did, but questions about timing, width, taxes, legging in, and exit strategies nagged me until reading Lee’s approach. Thorough and practical. I never write Amazon reviews, but this one deserves my highest recommendation.

5 stars The Truth
By JPS in Texas –

I have been trading Options for years with little success. About five months ago, I was on the internet trying to find a website on how and where to place a stop loss.I came upon the book, “The Monthly Income Machine”. I read a little about it and decided to spend the small amount money on another book. The second best Book I have ever bought.
The first was the Bible.

Get the Monthly Income Book, and follow the rules! That’s right, follow the rules! Read the book over and over, and then get a piece of paper and write down all the rules. Sign up with an online Broker, (I use OptionsXpress), and start out small, to get your feet wet. After you get the hang of it, you will be amazed with your new found Golden Goose, that lays Golden Premiums, every month. One last thought. Pay very close attention to the White Papers, they are loaded with more Golden Premiums.

Hope this helps,

5 stars Changed The Way I Trade
By Dave

I have traded options for 2yrs and have been one of the 90% who lose money that Lee talks about.

Since using the techniques explained in the book I am 5 for 5 and will probably never trade a straight call or put again.

No I am not ready to retire yet, but have at made triple the price of the book in the first month with a very conservative approach (one contract per trade).

Only downside I can see is you need at least a few thousand dollars in your account to cover margins and account requirements.


5 stars A great way to learn about Iron Condors
By alexh –

The author has done a great job taking you through all of the steps required for this type of investment. The volatility in the equity markets over the last few years has led me to seek a conservative approach. This approach, as explained by the author, provides an excellent step by step process for making reasonable returns in the market. The author also provides a series of articles which further explain related subjects such as trading in low volatility environments, etc. Very helpful.

By PAT –

This book is a very good guide to iron condors, which is what I was looking for when I ordered it. Lee goes into great detail on the SAFE entry and exit criteria. Lee also follows up with several “white papers” which go into greater detail. It is especially refreshing for an author to answer your emails personally and not try to sell you some $3,000 follow-up course. One trade can pay for the cost of this book. ORDER IT!!!

5 stars This is my core income generating strategy
By N.L.S. (Hong Kong) –

I had been trading stocks and options for almost 10 years. I have spent many thousands of dollars learning many strategies. from stocks, forex, options. They would produce some profit for a while then later on will generate me losses. I have not been able to be generate a consistent income from these strategies.

One of the main problem with traders is emotions and greed. And when we start earning, we like to increase risk and eventually lose more. We like those marketing hype to earn double or triple your income in a short time.

Well I have experienced all of these and have paid dearly for these mistakes.

I have heard about income strategies using credit options strategies before and didn’t pay attention. The main reason is they offer 2-5% income per month, much lower than the hyped 20-50% income from other strategies. I have overlooked that even with such “low” monthly income, they will bring me 30-50% returns in a year in a much lower risk and consistent manner. And I realized that top hedge funds may also be giving that range too anyway… Not double your money in 3 months hype.

I have tried Lee’s strategies here and I find it correct and practical. It has earned me consistent income these past several months and have earned back my very small investment in this book many many times over. I had been and options trader for some time so it was very easy for me to follow it right away. I can imagine that for somebody new to options, they may need to get hold of other books on options basics. You will need a strong foundation of options before you trade this. It will be very useful when you start adjustments such as rolling trades when it happens. I have also read other books here in Amazon with the same strategies, but I find Lee’s book the simplest to read and follow.

Thank you Lee for writing this strategy in a practical and straightforward manner. I will use this to trade for 80% of my account and will also teach my kids to trade this for their financial future.

Good luck everyone. Please do get yourself a good foundation of options and some basics of chart reading (such as trends, resistance, and support) before you trade. This will keep you safe, and know what to do when the abnormal events happen.

5 stars Just WOW!
By Steve –

Wow doesn’t even describe it. If you have a little knowledge about stocks and options, be prepared to find a way to make money that is unbelievably easy.

Lee has described the whole process to a “t”. Do what the book tells you, enter your trade, and wait till expiration. Then do it again each month. It is almost boring. Start making money and try to think of anything else. Plus, Lee is right there if you need to bounce anything off of him. I was amazed at how quickly he responded to me the first time. Definitely a must read for someone wishing to make additional income. Thanks Lee!

5 stars Excellence in a simple approach,
By Tom A. –

Additionally, he gives ongoing advice and commentary to give you the confidence to use credit spreads to consistently make money and control risk. Definitely worth buying the book and giving it a try!

5 stars Step by step instructions to a reliable trading strategy
By Rick

If you’re looking for a safer, more reliable alternative to generating monthly income in the market, this is the book for you. Finberg gives you his “recipe” for trading and establishes simple to use trading rules for entering and exiting trades. I’ve had good success so far utilizing this strategy. He also offers a subscription service and will e-mail you a list of spread candidates which conform to his trading rules on a regular basis. It is not necessary to use this service to gain the benefit from this strategy but it will save you the time of spending hours screening the market for conforming spreads. I currently use the subscription service and am quite happy with it.

5 stars Great book!
By Rob –

This a great book! I’ve read it & I can see it producing a good monthly income. Lee is also very helpful and knowledgeable! He answers all emails in a timely manner. To me, that alone is worth the $80.00.

5 stars Book backed with personal mentoring by author makes this the best offering
By Tammy D. (fl, usa) –

This is one of the better books on “Monthly Income Techniques” using Vertical Credit Spreads. In a step by step clearly enunciated methodology, Lee guides the reader through the Entry Rules to consider prior to entering monthly spreads, and then factors to consider for exiting with gains or very limited losses. The Rules are straightforward and easily understood by even a novice investor with limited knowledge of Options, although some basic knowledge of option spreads is desirable. It is also suitable for investors with a small trading account and can easily be scaled up for larger accounts.

Lee, also shows the desirable characteristics of the Underlying stocks and options and how to scan for them using the commonly available tools at most of the brokerage houses. In addition Lee, offers for a slight fee, a weekly scan service which highlights the stocks and spreads that meet the “Machine’s” entry rules. Subscribing to this service would save the investor from doing much of their own research. However this service is not necessary if one is willing to do some of their own research in identifying candidates.

After I finished the first reading of the book, I started applying the techniques immediately. When faced with real life problems, I had to do subsequent readings of targeted chapters, and in each case found my answers there. Not only that, but when I posed questions to the Customer Service Group, Lee personally answers your queries and mentors you through the process. In my mind this is the most important part of his offering. In addition Mr. Lee covers a number of informative white papers on various topics, that adds tremendously to one’s understanding of the techniques involved in investing with options.

In summary, the book is Great, but the support through the authors personal mentoring, the scanning service, web based forum board, and accompanying white papers makes this a great platform for launching ones search for steady monthly income.

5 stars Conservative Income
By D. M.

Lee Finberg is very clear in his teaching and explanation of utilizing Credit Spreads and Iron Condors… It’s a step by step explanation. I am much more comfortable in how I trade now after reading his book “The Monthly Income Machine” I highly recommend it!

5 stars The monthly income machine
By “Max” (Santiago, Chile) –

Extremely clear, it guides you step by step through one of the best conservative income methods, whose results go month after month to your account, without the stress to be almost all day long fixed to your computer.
Just follow the rules and you will have the results.

5 stars Good
By S. A.

The book is a little pricey but the value is found is customer service and feedback from the author. The book is laid out in a way that a layman can understand and am looking forward to trading the strategy.

5 stars The Monthly Income Machine
By C. D. –

This book will save you money and make you money. It’s clear and simple to follow; not full of hype.

5 stars Excellent Book on How to Trade Credit Spreads
By R. K.

Well written with concise instructions on how to trade credit spreads and iron condors.

The instructions are easy to read and understand and Lee takes the time to respond to specific questions on the topic.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to trade options and earn a regular income with relatively low risk.

Thanks Lee.

By p. h. –

This book is more than I expected. There is lots of information available on the website including details about making trades. Personally I have not been putting the information to as good a use as I should due to my schedule right now. I highly recommend this book because there really isn’t a comparable book available that provides so much added information on a continuous basis. Once you buy the book you have access to the website for as long as you want.

5 stars Practical Trading Advice
By A. K.

Mr. Finberg offers a clear recipe to find, execute, monitor and exit a particular options strategy with limited risk. Unlike many financial authors, he doesn’t leave out critical pieces of information that you would only have access to in a paid newsletter or subscription. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you have his complete instructions and can forward and backtest to your heart’s delight. The curse is that like all methods, it will work better at certain times and market conditions than others; so he and the method will always be open to criticism. After my own research, I have concluded that he provides a trading strategy with positive expectancy and combined with proper money management/position sizing, will give the disciplined investor above-average returns.

5 stars The Best Book on Monthly Income with Credit Spreads
By E. B.

The “Monthly Income Machine” book is by far the very best book I read about credit spreads. I have invested a great deal of time on learning how to trade options which also included investment in $2k programs. To me the easy to understand contents on option trading and the sound trading method based on credit spreads, is not only reading a book (like the other ones available on options), but I find it as though I am learning an option training program. The book covers several important aspects on trading credit spreads, including very specific and sound entry criteria and the key elements of the Monthly Income Machine trading method.

I have put the Monthly Income Machine trading system in practice successfully. In addition I am highly impressed with the great follow-up that Mr. Lee Finberg provides, with timely one-on-one answers to questions and the “how-to-article” which he publish on a regular basis. I wished I had came across this book before. Considering the price of the book and the one-on-one coaching service which are provided free of charge, this book far exceeded my expectation. Thanks Mr. Lee Finberg – The Monthly Income Machine is a truly great product that can be put in practice. Thanks for the excellent service.

5 stars I love monthly income
By colonel –

This is my favorite book to generate a monthly income. No longer do I invest in stocks or bonds, but only a part of the money in credit spreads and iron condors.

Lee’s book is a very helpful tool and an excellent guide to make you a successful trader.

5 stars Great Credit Spread Blue Print
By Benny –

I am new to credit spreads and was looking for a trading plan. This book gives step by step how to set up and exit credit spreads. He also gives a list of possible stocks to use if you email and ask for it. The only thing I would like to have seen is more step by step examples. He also offers a service for less than fifty dollars a month that gives stocks that meet the requirements for trade, if you don’t want to do the research yourself. I have just finished reading the book and cannot give any trade experience as of yet.

5 stars A Company with Moral Integrity!
By Robert C.

We are a trading couple & like most couples who trade, we agree to disagree on methods. We completely agree on the strategy presented by The Monthly Income Machine. The book targets what to do & not much time is spent on what not to do. You won’t find 20 confusing ways to trade here. Just simple, time proven profitable strategy.

Many trading subscriptions are just additional income stream for the provider. Not here… this company wants The Monthly Income Machine readers as subscribers and not the general public. In other words, they truly desire success for their traders! We are blown away by the moral integrity of the company as they conduct business staying true to their model despite financial consequence.

5 stars Lee’s book makes it easy for those seeking steady income from options
By Henry G. –

There are so many books on options trading. I have bought quite a few already. Almost all of them start by teaching you to buy Calls or Puts. In the world of market-makers, buying far out-of-the-money options with the hope to score big profits is deemed silly because probability of winning is usually so low you are virtually giving your money away at the inception of those trades.

Lee’s approach is conservative and strict and puts the probability of winning in excess of 92% in your favor. He has designed his system of selling options to give you regular streams of income without you having sleepless nights worrying about your positions. You will not score big hits but if you work the math, you will make returns that even hedge funds dare not promise you. You will not be paying exhorbitant fees to fund managers for the meager returns that they are handing out. The best part is you will be responsible for your own money and no one has your best interest than yourself when it comes to managing your money.

Whenever you are not sure if you are doing the right trade, just get in touch with Lee and you will be surprised how fast he responds to questions from his readers. He is generous with his answers and guidance that you feel like you have paid him $79,500 for this book.

I’m so glad to have bought Lee’s book and only wish he had a pdf version back then because my eyesight is getting poor so printed books take me longer to read; although this book has relatively large fonts already.

Buy this book and join the many of us who have benefited from it.

5 stars Very Good Option Strategy – Long Term
By 04Cayenne –

Excellent book that lays out the rules of credit spreads and iron condors in an easy to understand and concise manner. No filler, here is the strategy and rules you must follow to be successful. Lee also has a website that has many whitepapers, a list of stocks/etfs that he has used with success and a subscription service that helps with your homework if you wish. Book is good for a novice or very experienced trader like myself.

5 stars Credit Spreads and Iron Condors Simply Explained
By Andrew B. –

More of a how-to manual than a literary tomb, The Monthly Income Machine is restricted in length to just a few pages shy of a 100 and the double spaced type leaves plenty of space for the reader to make notes. Indeed to the casual observer the $79.75 price tag seems to be mightily optimistic when considering the sum of the parts presented at face value. But that of course is where the casual observer is sorely mistaken, because what you actually get is an extremely low cost entry into the world of credit spreads and iron condors, a strategy that can consistently generate the options trader with a monthly income with a high probability of success provided certain rules are strictly adhered to. In the book Lee Finberg details his own conservative strategy and his strict rules for entering, managing and exiting these high probability credit spreads and iron condors trades. And as a credit spread trader myself I would say the rules presented are tried and tested, conservative (a good thing) and most importantly – work!

Mr. Finberg’s book is also impeccably clearly written such that a beginner to credit options can quickly pick up the philosophy behind such trades. On several occasions now I have turned to McMillan’s 1000 page reference work on option strategies looking for guidance on credit spreads, given up and found that The Monthly Income Machine explained all that I was looking for in a clearly understandable manner.

And it doesn’t stop there either. Mr Finberg also provides a help forum on the website, promptly answers e-mails to questions on the strategy and regularly sends out what are termed “White Papers” which are meant to supplement the ideas presented in the Monthly Income Machine. Also, if you so wish, there is an additional service where conforming credit spread trades are e-mailed out to subscribers, although this service is at an additional cost.

So I have no hesitation in awarding this book 5 stars as I constantly use it as a source of reference and my copy is now dog-eared and battered, a sign that it is used. However, if you’re looking for a impressive door stop for your money, then shop elsewhere.

5 stars A good way to make income
By Don O.

Thank you Lee,

I found this book to be a very good resource on trading credit spreads and condors. I have started trading these strategies and they are working for me. The best thing I like is using Euro style options due to the fact that it has different expiration rules than American style options which helps make trading safer.

Thanks Lee,

5 stars Excellent Trading book for options
By K. L. (Australia) –

This is a very good trading book teaches you how to trade options credit spread to make money consistently.
Everything of trading options is stated clearly and easy to understand. The rules for entering and exiting a trade are written down for you to follow so that you can avoid to make mistake.

5 stars Tom says
By Tom M.

Great book for very conservative spread traders with low position adjustment probabilities. Very much easier to sleep at night with these trades.

5 stars Excellent Strategy
By Ike W. “EW” (Union City, CA) –

Options are regarded as complex and even risky — they are not — they are considerably less risky than owning and holding stocks — and hugely more profitable. Lee’s book reveals a practical strategy that Wall Street doesn’t want you, Main Street, to know. As a conservative investor, you should know about it, in particular before we are in the next financial crisis ..

5 stars The search for Eldorado

I have spent over 30 years reading everything I could get my hands on regarding the Stock Market, Real Estate, Collectables ,you name it. There is a plethora of get rich, The only guide you’ll ever need etc, etc. books you could spend your money on and many are not worth the paper they are printed on.

Lee Finberg’s The Monthly income Machine is one that does not promise untold wealth,and riches. What it does do is lay out a specific, and easy method to increase your income and net worth. The book is easy to read and understand, easy to implement and can become a very useful tool even in your retirement account.

I applaud Mr. Finberg for sharing a lifetime of his knowledge and letting the little guy compete on an even footing with the most successful money managers.

5 stars The Secret to Making Money Answered
By David W. –

I have traded for over ten years. In that time I have attended courses costing thousands of dollars. It amazes me that since purchasing this $79 book, and applying what Lee says, my trading is now consistently profitable. My first trade using Lee’s techniques brought in a profit of $381, paying for the book and leaving plenty of change. I realize now that the courses I attended on technical analysis in the past were selling dreams and fantasy. What Lee teaches is real and provides a true trading plan that when applied correctly produces profits consistently. If I could only study one book on trading this would be the book. Thank you Lee for sharing this information.

5 stars Smart Conservative Way to Generate Income
By “GJ. Allen” (Georgia USA) –

-you have been around the block trying to make the big hits in the Options market and have been burned
-you are looking for a straightforward explanation of how Credit Spreads and Iron Condors work
-you want a process to follow to make a good income over time with a controlled risk strategy
-you understand that education comes in many forms and at many prices, and recognize value when you see it
-you want to be able to contact the author via email with questions
-you believe in learning to fish is better than always walking to the market to buy what someone else caught.

If you buy this book –

-put it to work!
-make $’s
-have fun.

5 stars A Must Read Book
By BP –

A great book, well written where anyone can understand it. If you are an investor or even thinking about it, this is a must read. Five stars all the way!

5 stars Conservative way for Monthly Income
By V.D. (Rochester hills, MI United States) –

This is my favorite book to generate a monthly income.
I use it in credit spreads and iron condors.

Lee’s book is a very helpful tool and an excellent guide to make you a successful trader.
Lee goes into great detail on the SAFE entry and exit criteria.

Also Lee’s in constant touch to answer your queries.

5 stars Good Approach to Spreads and Condors
By sm –

Credit Spreads and Condors are strategies that need a conservative approach to safeguard your capital and after reading the book I think you’ll find Lee’s method to be a very level-headed way to approach this volatile market we are in. If you’ve been trading for a while you’ll undoubtedly have hit a problem with the high reward (and high risk) methods being touted as the way to recover from your market losses after the crash. Don’t buy into it, a conservative and consistent method of earning money is really the only long-term method to survive in the markets. There really is a lot to be said for the old saying “Live to fight another day”, I’ve learned a lot from the book and wish I had found something like this years ago.

5 stars Well Done!
By Michael –

Lee has done a great job with “The Monthly Income Machine”. Along with providing the reader with some options basics, he really zeros in on how using the Iron Condor strategy can provide the investor with a consistent monthly income. He lists minimum criteria for trade entry and offers suggestions for managing and adjusting your positions. Lee puts a lot of emphasis on the all-important “risk management” side of the equation. Well worth the investment if you are serious about your trading.

5 stars Concise and to the point
By S. D. “OnLooker” (San Diego County) –

This book is not fat and heavy but it could be worth its weight in gold if you grasp the principles laid out for a conservative income generating investing technique. It is not for you if you are looking for a big homerun every month and if you are looking for a no risk strategy. The explanation of spread trading is well explained and all different parameters are well discussed. The risk is properly exposed and mitigating procedures are well described. Don’t judge it by its size or price.

5 stars Up, Up and Away
By c. e. m. –

I have participated in this program for about one month and have had positive results. Lee’s conservative approach to investment safety reflects on his thirty plus years in the financial arena. He puts his own money where his mouth(book) is and he’s trading alongside you. I plan to continue on for the indefinite future and plan on reaping the benefits of my hitting streak. When I go back and reread the book and Lee’s White Papers, this reinforces my skill at running the “machine” and reaffirms my belief in the system. I know of no other financial program for earnings that is “turn key” for the cost of this program.


4-Star Reviews

4 stars Iron Condor Method
By Stan G. “avid reader” (Cameron Park, CA United States) –

The book is a solid and easily understood method of trading Credit Spreads. There are many ways of determining the short strikes for an Iron Condor trade – this is one of the easier methods to understand and follow. The method gives a high probability of finishing OTM, the Risk/Return ratio is not attractive (but Iron Condors never are). The book could use some further information about the management of open trades in Iron Condor trading as this is extremely important. Some further attention to the “greeks” would increase the value of the method. Overall an interesting and useful book, albeit on the expensive side.

4 stars Great technique, fully explained, almost a trading plan…
By FB –

There are hundreds of option books in the market, some are very good. Lee Finberg’s book is different from these books (at least the ones I have read or analyzed), it is almost a Trading Plan. More than a book on how to be an expert in options, it teaches you in a very simple and clear way 2 core techniques, (Not in detail to be an expert on them) and how to really apply them. It contains a section on how to filter & select stocks, entry & exit rules & timing. For me this was the missing piece of advice for my trading plan, so if you’re looking to validate or complement your trading plan this is the correct book.

Cons: I think it lacks of more detail in money management, technical analysis to apply the strategies, and it would be great if it had more real examples. I think the book is not for starters, and it has several chapters with basic information.

I recommend reading first other more generic option books to have a clear and overall idea of options, then read Lee’s book to apply the techniques described. Good luck trading. Regards

4 stars A great introduction to Iron Condor trading
By B. B. “Covered Call Investor” –

Having “discovered” Iron Condors about nine months ago, I read every book in print on Iron Condors. While I got some good information, I still wasn’t able to internalize the information so I could feel comfortable with implementing an Iron Condor strategy. Then I found “The Monthly Income Machine”. The book put the entire strategy into perspective and let me see the big picture…adding to my confidence and ability to implement the strategy in my portfolio. The process is straight forward, the selection criteria well defined, and the management and adjustment techniques are very workable. The only reason a gave the book four stars instead of five is that I would have liked to see more examples. Net/net, I would recommend Lee Finberg’s book to anyone who is looking for a usable strategy for generating monthly income.

4 stars Easy to Understand
By marc –

very well explained especially the stop section this is the section that made my trading succesfull and also the white papers.

4 stars Review
By Bobby –

I have used Lee’s method with real money now for 4 months. I have about broken even. Part of this was due to not setting stops as recommended the first few months. Highly recommend hard stops. However, the market has been extremely volatile and it is not only a possibility that stops will be hit on at least a few positions. It is a virtual certainty, even if you only place trades as suggested by Lee.

I am extremely experienced in covered calls. Lee does a great job explaining iron condors. However, the problem with condors is the risk /reward. If the stops in the trade get hit often, the returns aren’t there. Second of all, unless you want to devote 100% of your portfolio to condors, your returns are diluted on your portfolio. If you get 5% per month, which I haven’t, on half of your portfolio, then you have made 2.5% on the entire portfolio. If you invest in covered calls or just buy an S&P index fund, you can fully invest everything into the market. Tough to do with condors, in my opinion. Furthermore, condors are fully taxable, unless you do index spreads. The problem with index spreads, is under Lee’s formula, it is very difficult to find any index trades that make enough premium. Very nice guy, apparently. Answers emails and this is at first blush, a good program. But like anything, it depends. If I had just stayed in an S&P fund this year I would have exceeded the returns from condors and I wouldn’t have had to pay ordinary income taxes on any profits.


3-Star Review

3 stars It’s okay
By E. S. –

This is an okay book for Iron Condor. Profiting with Iron condor options by Michael Hanania Benklifa or No Hype Options trading by Dr Duke offer similar sort of informations if not more. The two other books cost much less as well. However I am still glad now that I have bought it.

2-Star Reviews

2 stars Well written, but way overpriced for the content provided !!
By Nick B “booklover” (USA) –

I have read more than 50 books on Options, so I feel qualified to rate this book 2 stars. The book is simple and has decent content about credit spreads. Overall, I liked the book.

2 stars OK but Expensive
By Steve D. (WI United States) –

This book is basically Lee’s own recipe for profiting from selling Iron Condors. If you are totally new to options, then you’re not ready for this safe trading idea — chances are that you’ll want to pursue high risk / high reward (i.e. low probability) trades first. Once you’ve lost enough money, then come back to Lee’s book. If you’ve been trading iron condors for more than 6 months, then you probably have your own set of entry and exit rules and this is not for you, not for $75. This book is for those who have been burned by options and are looking for a safer strategy. Lee is right, that this book could be a $1,995 online course, so $75 seems like a bargain. But you can get iron condor recipe books much cheaper: Profiting with Iron Condor Options by Benklifa gives one recipe, Trading the Iron Condor Confidently by Ellinger is quite excellent, and if you want to also try Butterflies and Calendars, then I recommend No-Hype Options Trading by Kerry Given (aka Dr. Duke). All of these give you precise entry and exit criteria, similar to Lee’s but on a slightly different time frame, and are much cheaper. Dr. Duke also has an excellent website and webinar service.


1-Star Review

1 stars There is no magic formula
By S.L. (Minneapolis, MN United States) –

I have read several books on iron condors, such as “Profitting with Iron condor options” by Benklifa (2011), “Trading the iron condor confidently” by Ellinger (2010), and “No hype options trading” by Given (2011). After reading these books, I felt I had good understanding about iron condor trades but always wanted to expand my knowledge. Then I came across this book.

This book is expensive at $80. But reviews were great and I thought that it would be worth the amount if I can learn something new to enhance my profit. Oh well… It turns out that this book does not offer anything new. It is about short term iron condor trades similar to the ones in Elinger (2010) or Given (2011). Its entry, adjustment, and exit rules are also similar. Moreover, in terms of the amount of information or strategies you can choose, it offers much less than Given (2011) or even Elinger (2010). (OK. Compared to Elinger (2010), this book offers more information such as what are options, spreads, iron condors, etc.)

After reading the book, I realize again that there is no magic formula. I am sure the strategy in this book works, as well as the ones in the other books.


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