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While there are many ways you can attempt to profit from the markets, I am convinced there is one "best way" to earn really gratifying income returns every month with controllable and minimal risk. The vehicle is option credit spreads and the basic credit spread strategy and iron condor income strategy are spelled out in detail in the how-to book: "The Monthly Income Machine."

This proprietary technique for harnessing the power of credit spread and Iron Condor trading can produce gratifying results whether investing in the markets is your main source of income, or your intent is to produce a supplemental income stream.

I’ve likely "seen it all" after a brokerage career with major Wall Street firms and years as a financial writer and market educator. Today, after 30+ years of market involvement, the "rules" for how to trade credit spreads I spell out in detail in The Monthly Income Machine drive the only trades I now make in my own personal accounts.

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Credit Spreads | Trade Entry Criteria and Screening Service

This “white paper” will detail: 1. Option Credit Spreads for the risk-adverse income seeker 2. “The Monthly Income Machine” specific trade entry criteria I recommend for selecting promising option credit spread candidates, 3. A new, completely optional screening service that completes this most time consuming part of identifying conforming credit spread candidates for you. Contact […]

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Credit Spreads Target: 4-8%/Month Income for the Risk-Adverse

Credit Spreads Target: 4-8%/Month Income for the Risk-Adverse

Dear Income Investor Before we go any further, let’s make sure you are at the right place. If you nod your head “yes” to each of the following statements, you will be very glad you’re here because SaferTrader and the Monthly Income Machine were designed specifically for you! I want more monthly income – much […]

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Credit Spread Stop Order – Conventional or Contingent?

When using option credit spreads to generate monthly income, you need to place a stop loss order to establish a MRA (maximum risk amount) for every trade. In previous articles we covered protective stop orders for credit spreads in terms of money management (Account Money Management – Avoid Account Death), and with respect to alternatives […]

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Covered Call Income – Extra Earnings From Stocks You Own

Chances are you know that elemental sodium and elemental chlorine are both absolutely deadly. Put some sodium in water and it immediately blazes into white-hot flames. Inhale a few breaths of 100% pure chlorine (the stuff you pour into swimming pools is only 2% chlorine), and you will have no further concern about the national […]

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Credit Spreads & Iron Condors During Low Volatility Periods

From time to time, the markets will begin a period of unusually low volatility. When this occurs, it can be more difficult to identify attractive income-generating credit spread trades that meet “The Monthly Income Machine” premium requirement at the strike prices the prescribed distance from the underlying stock, ETF, or index. So let me weigh […]

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Registration Form – Lee Finberg’s Income Investing How-To Series (Complimentary)

  REGISTRATION & SUBSCRIPTION FORM   Your Complimentary Subscription The Monthly Income Machine “White Paper” Investment How-To Series Apply below to request the entire ongoing series of Lee’s “white paper” investment articles and “how-to” blueprints at no cost. They represent the very best of the strategies and techniques learned and created over three decades of […]

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Weekly Options – How and When To Use or Avoid

Recently, the use of Weekly Options has generated more SaferTrader.com “how and when to use” questions, emails and members-only Forum commentary than most other subjects. In this “white paper,” we’ll look more closely at the opportunities and pitfalls associated with this intriguing investment instrument. The Appendix at the end of this article provides a list […]

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Screening Stocks For Monthly Income Machine Credit Spreads

I’m often asked what stocks, indexes and ETF’s I use for generating my own monthly income credit spread and Iron Condor option trades. The book “The Monthly Income Machine” spells out a technique and a series of specific qualifying “entry criteria” that must be met for an underlying stock or index to be used properly […]

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Credit Spread Income: Take Profit Early or Wait Until Expiration?

As it should be, the main trade management focus of “The Monthly Income Machine” is on properly handling the occasional position going the wrong way. But we should also consider the pleasant matter of what to do with the winners – allow them to expire worthless so that we realize the entire trade profit, or […]

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Credit Spreads – Managing Headline Risks

Often, the markets themselves provide the best reminders of why we need to use all of the “Monthly Income Machine” entry rules when establishing our income-generating credit spreads and Iron Condors. Now one of the many advantages that credit spreads offer includes the fact that they are essentially non-directional – i.e. we don’t care if […]

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